• Contains 500 mg of U.S. Grade-A premium CBD.
  • Hybrid broad spectrum process preserves the beneficial properties of the hemp plant.
  • Formulated from organically grown, non-GMO, THC-free hemp.
  • Wholesome ingredients selected for your pet’s health and wellbeing.


Catnip CBD Oil for Cats

If your cat loves rolling around in catnip, they’ll surely scarf down our CBD oil with catnip extract. Cat physiology reacts to CBD much the same as their human counterparts, so your kitty will enjoy the benefits of all-natural CBD made with the same attention to quality. And as we all know, a happy cat means a happy owner!


Why Paw CBD?

At Paw CBD, we believe that both people and their pets deserve the best-quality CBD at an affordable price. All of our hemp is grown right here in the U.S., resulting in high-quality CND extracts that we combine with our inque, broad spectrum manufacturing process. By taking the extra step, we’re able to ensure that your pets get all the benefits of CBD without any THC.


How much to give?

Every cat is a little bit different, so the dose will depend on its weight, age, and severity of health issues. A good way to start is to give the cat the lowest dose indicated on the bottle every day, and see what happens. If your cat doesn’t show as much improvement as you’d like, gradually increase the amount.

Be sure to ask your veterinarian for more information and advice on the applications of CBD.


How long to notice results?

Responsiveness to CBD will vary from cat to cat. Some may show signs of improvement right away, while others will take longer. We suggest daily dosing for two or three weeks, giving the CBD a chance to build up before assessing results. Your veterinarian may also have some helpful advice about CBD options, so be sure to talk to them first.



MCT Oil, Cannabidiol (CBD), Catnip Extract.

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