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All natural 100% pure beeswax. Price reflects one ear candle.

Ear Candle, Beeswax

  • With a helper use a pie tin or a paper plate, make a small hole in it and partially put the candle inside it. While sitting upright, never laying, have the partner put a damp towel or a cloth over head and cover all exposed body parts and hair. Always have candle facing out in a horizontal position. Should be facing straight out. Never let candle burn past/more than 5 inches. Must be 18 years of age. This product has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Candles are intended for personal relaxation and well being/entertainment purposes only. They are not a medical device, in addition our candles are not intended for and do not remove wax or other substances from the ear. Our candles are not designed, manufactured or intended to be used in the diagnoses, treatment, cure, or prevention of disease or medical condition.

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