Physical regulatory mechanisms are harmonized, all body functions balanced.

Kit Includes:

Glass bottle with stainless steel lid, Instructions, and your Choice of Gem Mixtures.



Gem Water Kit

  • Clean Your Stones

    • Wash hands first
    • Wash stones thoroughly with brush and non-toxic soap, rinse
    •  Disinfect with rubbing alcohol, rinse

    Purify Your Stones

    • Hold stones under cold running water for 1-3 minutes, dry
    • Optional- Place stone on a cleasing crystal for 2-24 hours, wash hands again before handling stones

    Clean Water Bottle

    • Wash bottle with non-toxic soap, rinse thoroughly with hot water

    Preparing Gem Water

    • Create a pleasant environment and make sure you are in a good place energetically
    • Focus your full attention on what you are doing and have a clear intention
    • Place stones in bottle
    • Add appropriate water (glass bottled water with less than 200mg/L mineral content or tap water purified through an activated carbon block filter or reverse osmosis)
    • Clean stones at least once a week