Nervous Fatigue Formula (formerly HS-C) [Circulatory] is an herbal combination that the Chinese would consider a fire-enhancing formula. Its Chinese name, yang xin means to “nurture the heart.” Weakness in the fire element usually manifests itself as digestive weakness, cardiovascular problems or sexual dysfunction. Nervous Fatigue helps relieve heart stress and helps normalize and improve digestion and sleep. Its key herbs include zizyphus, biota and schizandra. The formula contains 18 herbs: Schizandra fruit Biota seed Cistanche herb Cuscuta seed Dang gui root Lycium fruit Ophiopogon root Succinum Acorus rhizome Astragalus root Dioscorea root Hoelen plant Lotus seed Panax ginseng root Polygala root Polygonum rhizome Zizyphus seed Rehmannia root Take 3 capsules with a meal three times daily.

Nervous Fatigue Formula