Reiki I & II Class and Certification


Reiki I: you learn the background history of traditional Reiki, hand positions while providing Reiki to others and learn about the major Chakra points on your body. This is the best class for those wanting to use Energy Healing on themselves, and loved ones in person.

Reiki II: you learn symbols and distance healing.

In each class there will be a lot of hands on practice to get you comfortable and confident using the energy flowing through your body. You will receive an attunement at each level that connects you to Reiki energy. A study guide and certificate of completion will be given at each level.



$180 per class. Click the button above to see if an available class is scheduled.


In my way of teaching, I am all about the free flowing love energy, and allowing Reiki to flow through you without any limitations. You will learn traditional Reiki, but I also teach the power it can have through intention by transforming it in your own way through your intuition. If you are looking for more traditional Reiki , following strict guidelines, please use another Reiki Master.