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Species: Artemisia absinthum L., fam. Asteraceae (Compositae)
Part: Flowering Tops
Method: Steam distilled
Class: Ketone


Absinthe (Wormwood) Oil, Wild

  • Wormwood, native to Europe, is grown in the USA where it now grows as a weed and is also cultivated. For centuries in Europe, this herb was used to treat a host of diseases and disorders including intestinal worms, gout, jaundice, kidney stones, pain and swelling suppression. The oil is steam distilled from the leaves and flowering tops of the dried herb, which produces a very dark green to blue-green color with a herbaceous, green, sharp, fresh top note. The odor is reminiscent of cedar leaf oil; not as sweet but more dry and woody in the body note. The main component of the oil is beta-thujone (typically 35-50%), a known neurotoxin. 


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