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Made from the red, fleshy root portion of the beet plant after the root hairs and green tops have been removed. One pound of beet powder re-hydrated is approximately equal to 9 pounds of fresh, unprepared beets. Beet powder is popular in traditional Flemish and Slav cooking, but also works well for adding color, flavor and a nutrient boost to a variety of domestic fare. Our organic bulk beet powder is kosher certified and non-irradiated.


  • Product Information

    • Origin: China and Hungary

    • Directions: Use approximately 1/3 cup water to re-hydrate 2 tablespoons of product. Hot or boiling water rehydrates instantly.

    • Suggested uses: Mix into smoothies, applesauce and tomato sauce. Use for coloring in red velvet cupcakes.

    • Botanical name: Beta vulgaris L.

Beet Powder, Organic

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