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What’s better than getting a CBD power drink mix your favorite flavor? Getting it in ALL the flavors! Our eight-pack of CBD drink mixes gives you two each of every flavor in our suite: lemonade, peach, kiwi strawberry, and fruit punch. It’s the perfect package if you want to try out every kind and is also great for sharing with a group. They’re all made with the same quality ingredients, loads of vitamin C, and our hemp derived CBD formula, so bottoms up!

  • Made with Superior Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract with CBD and CBN
  • Up to 29 mg of Vitamin C in every packet
  • Dissolves in any water-based beverage
  • No sugar, caffeine, or gluten
  • All vegan ingredients

To use the CBD powder drink mixes, empty a packet into 8 oz water or water-based beverage, shake thoroughly, and enjoy! You can use the drink mixes with hot or cold beverages, but we advise against freezing them. If you’re blending with carbonated beverages, you’re best off shaking the mix with a small amount of non-carbonated liquid first and then topping it up with the fizzy drink. Check out some of our favorite CBD drink recipes!

While a CBD beverage will make a great special treat, you’re likely to enjoy greater CBD benefits if you take it daily. You can do this with the drinks, or you can take a CBD tincture or CBD pill every day and use the drinks as extras. Taking a consistent amount every day lets the CBD build up in your system and gives you an idea of what amount is best for you.

SUGGESTED USE: Once daily or as needed.

CBDMD Variety Pack Drink Mix 8 ct

$13.99 Regular Price
$8.39Sale Price
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