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A member of the Borage family, comfrey leaf has been used for thousands of years. It has large, rough leaves with tiny surface hairs, making them hard to dry quickly without spoiling. Allantoin, a constituent in comfrey, makes the leaves a useful emollient in lotions, creams and hair rinses. The plant is native to Europe and Asia and has been widely cultivated. 


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      • Common names include slippery root, knitbone, healing herb and blackwort.
      • Comfrey root is more potent than the leaves, but have higher levels of a constituent toxic to the liver.
    • Origin: Bulgaria

    • Suggested uses: Can be used as a tea, or in salves and ointments. 

    • Botanical name: Symphytum officinale L.

Comfrey Leaf, Cut & Sifted, Organic

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