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Our Earl Grey Tea combines the smoky taste of black tea and organic bergamot oil for a delicate, aromatic beverage. Earl Grey is a tea possessing the delicacy and nuance of flavor to be enjoyed on its own. This bulk Earl Gray tea is certifed organic and Fair Trade Certified™.


Product Information

  • Product Features

    • The best-known of scented teas, it's unique taste has been popular for hundreds of years.
    • Our organic and Fair Trade Certified Irish Breakfast Tea is sprayed with organic bergamot oil.
    • This creates a captivating aroma and slightly smoky, yet well balanced and smooth flavor profile.
  • Origin

  • Directions

    To enjoy, pour 6 ounces simmering water (185 degrees preferred) over one teaspoon of tea. Steep 4 to 5 minutes, strain and serve immediately.
  • Suggested uses

    Beautifully accentuated with a slice of lemon and pairs well with buttery or citrus-flavored pastries. Also enjoy with a small dash of sugar, milk or honey for a slightly sweeter tea. You'll also find this pairs well with strong cheeses or creme brulee.
  • Flavor Profile

    Slightly smokey with hints of citrus
  • Botanical name

    Camellia sinensis


Product Ingredients

Organic Fair Trade Certified™ Irish breakfast tea, organic bergamot oil.

Earl Grey Black Tea, Organic

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