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Standardized: rhodiola
Other: Arctic rose, golden root, king's crown, roseroot, rosewort, snowdown rose


Botanical Name


Rhodiola rosea L.
Plant Family: Crassulaceae




Sedum rosea


Now certified organic! The floral scented rhodiola root, used for thousands of years in Europe and Asia, has just recently been introduced to the U.S. Traditionally; one of its main uses in the Himalayas was for occasional altitude related discomforts.

Rhodiola promotes a healthy response to stress and supports adrenal functioning.*

North American Rhodiola: Our North American Rhodiola is coming from one of the few cultivated varieties in the world. It is grown and tended in soil free from chemicals and pesticides and is in accordance with the Good Agricultural and Collection Practice for Herbal Raw Materials (GACP). The GACP ensures herbal raw material will be correctly identified, non-adulterated, has accurate representation regarding the quality of the product, and is sustainably harvested.

Rhodiola Root, Cut & Sifted, Organic

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