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Chicory root is a hardy perennial best known for its association with coffee, producing a more roasted flavor without caffeine. A larger relative of the dandelion, chicory has been in cultivation for thousands of years along the Nile River in Egypt. Over time it spread north, and Europeans brought it to America in the 18th century. You can now find it naturalized over a wide area. The leaves are used in salads and spring tonics much the same was as dandelion greens. Just like dandelions, it has a large taproot, and it's this root that's been used as a substitute for and complement to coffee.


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      • The world's number one coffee substitute.
      • Ideal for pairing with coffee, as it produces a roasted flavor with no caffeine.
      • Medicinal use dates back to ancient Egyptians and Romans who used it to treat a wide range of ailments.
      • Roasted chickory is a particularly popular drink in and around New Orleans.
    • Origin: Europe

    • Directions: To use as a tea, pour 1 cup boiling water over 1 teaspoon herb, cover and steep 3 to 5 minutes; strain and enjoy. It is brewed exactly the same as coffee, using a ratio of 2 tablespoons chickory root to 6 ounces of water. Increase or decrease the amount of roasted root granules depending on your personal preferences.

    • Suggested uses: Use as a substitute for or complement to your favorite coffee. 

    • Botanical name: Cichorium intybus L.

Roasted Chicory Root Granules, Organic

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